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10 March 2014. Mischka Aoki, the luxury Australian couture girlswear brand, is delighted to announce that it has participated in petitePARADE, the bi-annual Kids Fashion event in New York, on Saturday 8 March. 

The miniature models strutted their stuff on the catwalk, showcasing the latest trends from toddlers to tweens. “We’re featuring five different designers today, ranging from sportswear-inspired designers all the way up to the luxury market,” said Gina Rizzo, co-founder of petitePARADE. 

Mischka Aoki presented 16 pieces from its AW14 collection, entitled ‘Rebellious Souls.’ Inspired by the Rock ‘n Roll era of the swinging 60s, this collection is influenced by the alter ego concept of The Beatles’ infamous platinum-selling album, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. A psychedelic array of vibrant bolds, detailed prints and an eclectic mix of fresh, new fabrics are present in the collection. Zesty citrus neon fur, textured faux leather, floaty feminine feathers, sparkling sequins and uniquely entwined tweed are just some of the characteristics incorporated into this season’s casual collection. 

Mischka Aoki’s signature tulle and intricate hand embroidery is taken to the next level with a series of ‘haute couture’ floor length dresses, and the seasonal and exclusive Limited Edition Swarovski range boasts size stunning new designs. The brand premieres chunky statement necklaces to complement the rebellious rock inspiration behind the collection. Dripping with stones and captivating charms, these precious metals add an extra punch to any outfit.  


This is petitePARADE’s sixth season and since its inception, it has showcased over 100 designers, hosted 7,500 guests and continues to draw in global buyers and media, and this season’s show was held in collaboration with VOGUE Bambini. 

Commenting on the show, Mischka Aoki’s designer Winnie was delighted with the feedback. “I believe that Mischka Aoki is very unique brand and was humbled by all the wonderful comments about the collection. My team and I have worked extremely hard on this collection and it was wonderful to see so many people in the room with big smiles on their faces when the models walked the catwalk!” 


After Mischka Aoki’s epic week at the petitePARADE Mind the Cashmere caught up with their designer Winnie for a chat!
Mischka Aoki can already been found in many of the leading department stores across the world; but what has been your largest career highlight to date? 
I think receiving such positive feedback from the public, the press and stockists has to be one of our finest moments. It demonstrates how people are appreciative of the amount of work that goes into creating a Mischka Aoki piece and the hundreds of hours that we put into each and every dress. This is what makes what we do worthwhile.  Another particular highlight is the fact that we are able to showcase our creations at many of the world’s most prestigious boutiques and department stores.
What made you decide to concentrate on a luxury children’s clothing? 
For me Mischka Aoki actually started out as a hobby. It was created out of my love of style and fashion and started when daughter Mischka was born five years ago. I couldn’t find anything that, to me, looked stylish and different enough for her to wear when we went out. So, I ended up designing dresses for her. And the rest is history! I personally love everything couture and luxury, so I thought to myself that if I am doing this, why not make it into a luxury line, where everything is unique and one of a kind! 
When you are designing your collections, where do you draw your inspiration from? 
My inspirations can come from anywhere: places that I visited, people that I’ve met during my travels, the different cultures that I have encountered. The current SS14 collection was inspired by the beautiful Garden of Versailles and the forthcoming AW14 collection was inspired by the ideology of a rebellious soul – so as you can see my inspirations are quite diverse!
What would be the one special design feature that would catch your eye? 
I have always loved intricate things. I love designing dresses with a huge amount of detailing, which requires houndreds of hours of hand-crafted work. I think every little girl deserves some special attention and so she deserves to wear something extra special.
Do you have any plans to collaborate with other designers in the future? 
Not at the moment, but of course I wouldn’t rule anything out and would be open to working with other designers on an exciting project, if it was right for us.

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